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    My apology if I have posted this in the wrong place.

    I own an LG G2 D800 on AT&T that has been giving me trouble with Wi-Fi. I was able to get it replaced since they detected that the Wi-Fi transmitter in the device was going bad. I now have the same problem on my replacement device. This is an issue, because AT&T only lets me have 5GB of data to use. I am always going over my limit of data since I can only use 4G correctly. I've decided to sell this phone, pay off my contract, and get a new phone.

    Of course, I'm not going to want to go to a phone with downgraded hardware/performance than the G2. Luckily, two phones (HTC One M8, Samsung Galaxy S5) recently came out; and are very appealing to me. I was researching specs and performance of both these devices, and found that the iPhone 5S outperforms both of these devices significantly in gaming. I like playing games like GTA: San Andreas on my phone, and the iPhone 5S seems to be the best device suited for gaming performance. However, the Galaxy S5 has the most features. The features includes a fingerprint scanner, Micro SD card slot, removable back, removable battery, heart rate sensor (which is kind of useless to me), etc. Then there's the One M8. It features the same processor as the S5, and many identical specs. However, it does not feature a removable back or fingerprint scanner. One exclusive feature though, is the incredible HTC Boomsound.

    All three of these devices each have their own appeal and exclusive features. My question is, determining on the facts I can list bellow:

    • I own an iMac, which would compliment iOS 7
    • I am a heavy gamer
    • I need a device with a lot of support, and customization
    • Features are important, but looks are too
    • I need improvement over the G2, espically with Wi-Fi

    could someone give me their opinion or recommendation on what device might suit me the best?

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    Re: Three Phones to Choose From

    I have a Nexus 5 and iPhone 4S, I have to say I am more comfortable with iOS instead of Android.

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    Re: Three Phones to Choose From

    IOS is much eaier than Android, don't you think?
    But the good thing is Android can change the theme easily, unlike iPhone.

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    Re: Three Phones to Choose From

    I agree with u brunochan.

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    Re: Three Phones to Choose From

    The HTC One M8 is a lovely piece of kit... If you don't mind using Android then this is a great device but so is the Samsung... You would be happy with either though...

    I have to say I am biased though becuase I hate Apple and it's products, can't stand the over rated iOS and old technology they use and charge high prices for...

    I'm a Nokia 1520 Windows Phone user though, I heavily recommend the Nokia 1520 but the Windows platform doesn't have the same apps/games as iOS or Android but runs GTA beautifully on a nice big 6" screen!

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