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    We are about to entering to the summer 2014 season, in this season we have new upcoming phones which are expected to be released in the middle or end of the summer 2014. In this article we are going to mention the foremost ones of these new phones coming out in summer 2014, we have one from Apple and the other from Google Nexus. It seems that one of these both phones will make the buzz this summer the one from which is the iPhone 6 because it will be crucial for the company and for sure it should do its best to make a perfect product that can carry on the competition with the ruthless upcoming communities either Japanese or Korean ones. And the second new phone coming out in this summer 2014 is the Nexus 6 which going to be a light copy from the LG G3. We are going start by the iPhone 6 with the tedious details and everything you would loge to know and then we move to the Nexus 6's details.

    1- iPhone 6
    New Phones Coming Out In Summer 2014-iphone-6.png

    We have been always talking about iPhone 6 either in the upcoming phones in 2014 or our Apple section. But this time with new information and exact, date release and the price, specs also some pictures and other stuff..

    This phone will be available in three types which are 64GB and 128GB also 256GB. Awesome, isn't it ? Yes, of course it is wonderful but you are not yet unless you see the specifications. The iPhone 6 has good specifications and high ones as well, let's see them just below:

    Processor: A7 quad-core processor
    Operating System: upgraded iOS 7
    Storage: 16/32/64 and 128 GB. (As we mentioned above)
    Camera: 3.2 megapixel face HD camera and 13 megapixel 3D rear camera
    Display: 4.8 Retina plus Sharp LGZO display with 1080 HD resolution
    Wi-Fi connectivity: 802,11ac Wi-Fi connectivity
    Home button: Apple has the Retina + IGZO display and a new factor with no home button

    About the price we really do expect the the prices would be just like 32GB model to cost 529, the 64GB model 599 and the 128GB model 699.

    2- Nexus 6
    New Phones Coming Out In Summer 2014-nexus-6.png

    Mr Sundar Pichai the who is the head of Android department in Google had talked about the next generation of nexus, he didn't name the generation but it is foreseeable to be Nexus 6. As we all know that LG is the one who Manufactured the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5, just to make sure you should go and inspect if Nexus 5 based on LG G2 or note, and if the Nexus 4 based on LG Optimus G or note. This new phone coming out for this summer 2014 is as well expected to be made by LG. Let us see what this new phone will be like in specifications and what is the price and other interesting stuff, let us start with these specifications (rumours) :

    Processor: Quad core 3000 MHz
    OS: Android v4.4 (KitKat)
    Wi-Fi connectivity: 3G, WiFi, NFC
    Ram: 3 GB
    Display: 5.2 Inch, 1080x1920 px display, IPS LCD
    Camera: 13 MP Primary Camera, 5 MP Secondary
    Storage: 32 GB Internal Memory
    Battery: 3100 mAh, Li-Polymer battery

    We expect to see this new upcoming phone for summer 2014 in October or November 2014. They were the most important new phones coming out in summer 2014, I hope you enjoyed reading this article and stay tuned there are lot of new upcoming phones just all you need is to subscribe in our newsletter below and thank you.

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    Re: New Phones Coming Out In Summer 2014

    After playing with Nexus 5 in a few months, I will definitely goes with iPhone 6 this year.

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