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    My in-laws are currently part of our Verizon plan. It is time to renew our plan and purchase new phones. With our current plan, we pay $10 per month for their line. This works because they might use 10 minutes of voice per year, no text, no data - basically emergency use. On a new plan with Verizon it would cost $30 per month, way more than they want to pay. Is there a plan to load a certain number of voice minutes on a phone and we can add to it when they use the minutes? We don't want minutes that will expire after 30 days. They'll never use them in that amount of time. Thanks for your input.

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    Re: Phone plan for seniors

    I suggest you talk with a Verizon CRS to mold a plan that will suit your needs.
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    Re: Phone plan for seniors

    This is really a great plan

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    Re: Phone plan for seniors

    Why don't try page plus as you go plans which start at $10 for 100 minutes lasts 120 days, pay as you go cell phone plans for seniors is a better way to save money.

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    Re: Phone plan for seniors

    I guess PureTalk Senior AddVantage plans are really affordable cell phone plans for seniors, for $5 only you can get 80 minutes is a perfect option emergency cell phone users.

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