Is your mobile phone still a locked one? Would you love to unlock any major phone brand without paying a dime? If you love a free stuff and need to unlock phone for free, just visit our website At you can unlock almost any major brand phone by completing any offer by TrialPay advertisers. TrialPay is a popular e-commerce platform where a consumer receives a free item, in our case a free unlock code from a TrialPay merchant, once he or she buys a product or sign up for a free trial. TrialPay provides offers in different categories, such as social applications, games, software and online service subscriptions and etc. You are more than welcome to complete any offer you like. Some offers are absolutely free and some require you to pay a fee, which usually is a really small one.

Free phone unlock process on is extremely simple. The first step is to enter your IMEI code. IMEI code is a unique serial number of your phone and can be easily located by dialing *#06# on your device or by checking under your phone’s battery. Also, make sure to know the phone provider your phone is currently locked to. Once your IMEI number is entered, choose the option ‘Get It Free’. The second step is to enter your name and email address to see what free offers you can complete in exchange of an unlock code for free. The third step is to choose your offer. As already stated above, you can choose any offer available. All offers are obligation free and can be easily canceled any time you wish, even immediately after you get your free code to unlock a cell phone. Of, course, the next fourth step is to complete the offer you have chosen. Once you have completed the offer successfully, we will send you a detailed email with your activation code, your free phone unlock code and the tutorial on how to unlock phone for free.

And, you are done. After following all these steps your phone will be permanently unlocked and can be used with any mobile network in your area. More and more people unlock their phones, which is not surprising at all: unlocked phones have a significantly higher resell value, can be used anywhere in the world by using a different SIM card and allow a phone owner to use it with any mobile provider.

If you think now is the perfect time to unlock your cell phone, visit right away. is a trustworthy, 100% legal and a permanent way to unlock any phone. Needless to say, since our launch we have unlocked more than 66,500 mobile phone.

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