Are you fed up with your phone network provider, their outrageous charges and poor customer service? If yes, read this post that will explain in details how to unlock phone for free.

At we offer phone unlocks for major phone brands. You can either buy a code for your phone by at our site, or if you, just like us, love a free stuff, you can unlock your phone by completing one of free offers provided by our partner TrialPay. TrialPay is an internationally recognized payment platform where consumers receive free goodies after they complete any TrialPay offer provided by its merchants. TrialPay offers thousands of offers on a daily basis and we are sure that you can find the one that would catch your attention. Before you proceed with the offer completion to receive your free unlock code, make sure to know your phone’s unique IMEI code and, of course, the provider it is locked to. Once you know your IMEI, visit our website to complete TrialPay offer and get your remotely-generated unlock code. To unlock phone with us is very easy: you are not required to have a free unlocking software or take your locked phone to a service center. Usually it takes a few minutes to get your unlock code in the email from us.

Unlocked phones provide their owners the following benefits:
1. The owners of locked phones can choose any phone provider that operates in their city or area
2. Unlocked phones’ cost is significantly higher than the locked ones
3. Unlocked phones allow to save on roaming charges by simply changing SIM cards in the phone

Since our launch a few years ago, we have unlocked over 65,000 phones. Our phone unlocks are legal, permanent and completely safe. If you are ready to unlock phone for free at, just click here

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