I am looking to buy two unlocked phones, one for my sister and me. At this moment we can afford no more than 600$ thus we are looking for something good that fits into our price range

I am checking amazon and the Nokia Lumia 920 is selling for 270-285$. If I get this I could even buy two good impact cases.

Samsung Galaxy SIII is around 280-320$, though there are so many bad reviews about the phones not being unlocked, used, etc that I'm not so sure about getting one from those sellers.

Theres also the Samsung S4 mini, though Ive read that SIII is better than the Samsung S4 mini...and it is almost out of my budget. Around 290$-320$.

Samsung S4, S5 and Iphone 5 are out of our budget so I can't include them on my list....

What I do not know is If it would be wise to get the Nokia Lumia during this time of the year, or IF I should be loking for something else??

Any help will be appreciated!

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