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    Caleb Ryan
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    First Off I am an Apple hater, however I do aknowledge them for the good work at being the only company with a half decent media player, the iTouch, Microsoft bring the Zune or something back! And their awesome syncing with itunes and whatnot although I dont buy music, I only have once.

    But Google Plays App Sync is pretty good too further more I do love Linux and Android.

    Onto the phone, sorry! Anyways I am with Verizon under my parents and I get my upgrade this month.
    Which phone to get: Droid Razr Maxx, Samsung Galaxy S5, or HTC One M8. All have something to offer the others dont. All ready good phones but no idea what to choose please help!

    Also note my dad had a Razr Maxx but the screen needs replaced, how much would that cost. When he broke it he switched to Apple to try it out But he wants to switch back but it needs repaired first! >

    PS I currently have the Droid X2 and I love Motorola. Good phones for their time and invencible!

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    Caleb Ryan
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    Re: What Phone to Get?

    All these phones have (within .1") the same size screen

    Personally I love the Razr Maxx for its design, durability, and battery life. Motorola, I have become a lifetime customer they truly make great quality product that are very difficult to break.

    The Samsung Galaxy S5 is said to be capable of being up to one meter of water for up to 30 minutes which is awesome.

    The HTC One M8 Has great loud speakers plus duo cameras also its ultra fast with not much running in the background which is the problem with most of todays technology.

    I want a phone that will last at least 5 years. One that wont be grinding to halt with apps that come out within the next few years. A phone that takes good pictures and has good resolution.

    At the moment the price doesnt matter as Im a teenager and have the money to spare and I view this as an investment. All round these are all great phones but please, with over 60 people viewing this, someone please at least leave a comment as to what you think even if its to say choose an IPhone although I wont.

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    Re: What Phone to Get?

    I would seriously consider the S5 and M8. At this point I would probably upgrade to an S5 just because I current have an SIII, but the M8 has some serious features as well. Like you mentioned, the advantage of the S5 is the water resistance, but also it has more memory than the other phones.
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