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    Hi guys. I just had my brand new Google Nexus 5 arrive at my door straight from the warehouse. Upon opening the package, I was more than a little upset to find that it required a SIM card to be activated, which was not included.

    So I went to a Cricket store, and the employees asked if my phone is "unlocked." I have no idea what that means. They then said that if they sold me a SIM card and a month of service, it would cost $85 and if it didn't work on my phone, there would be no refund available.

    So I need to know: How do I "unlock" my phone? (Google search results just talk about "unlocking the bootloader") How can I be certain that my phone will work with Cricket or any other provider before investing in a SIM card?

    Thank you!

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    re: Does the Google Nexus 5 come unlocked?

    If it's straight from Google then it's already unlocked (and Cricket should have known that)

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