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    Unlocking a cell phone should not be a hard or complicated process. That’s why at we make sure that we provide easy and permanent phone unlocks to our customers. Unlocking a mobile phone with us cannot be any easier. Besides making it easy for our customers to unlock their phones, our phone unlocks are also 100% legit and safe. No harm will be done to your phone and you do not need to download and install any free phone unlocking software. To unlock a phone at all you need to know is your phone’s IMEI code, your phone’s network provider and the country of your residence. That’s it. Literally anyone can unlock a phone with us – you basically just need to have a computer connected to the Internet to unlock your cell phone in a matter of a few minutes. You also do not need to have any special skills or knowledge – even people with no technical skills can unlock a cell phone at

    At we offer paid phone unlocks for a very affordable fee and free phone unlocks through our business partner TrialPay. If you want to unlock your phone for free, go to our main page, choose your phone’s model and brand and then select ‘Unlock it for Free’ option. Once you have chosen to unlock your cell phone for free, you will be redirected to the page with TrialPay offers. TrialPay is our business partner of many years and one of the biggest e-commerce sites where customers get free stuff in exchange of trying out a TrialPay product or service. You are welcome to select any offer you like. Once you selected the offer, proceed with completing it and TrialPay will pay for your phone unlock code. For most of the times, we are able to generate a code to unlock your phone within 15-20 minutes, but sometimes it might take up to 48 hours to get your code generated.

    Once we have your code, we will send the code to an email address you have provided together with the step-by-step tutorial on how to unlock your mobile phone easily and for free. Now just enter the unlock code into your mobile device and your phone will be permanently and instantly unlocked. has been in the phone unlocking business since 2009 and since that we have successfully unlocked more than 71,500 cell phones. If you need to unlock your phone, visit for legal, safe and permanent phone unlocks.

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    Re: How to Unlock your Mobile Phone for Free and Legally

    Useful information.

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