Wonder what phone unlocking is and how can you benefit from unlocking your phone? Phone unlocking removes the lock put on a phone by a network provider and allows you to use your cell phone with any phone carrier in the entire world. For instance, if your phone is locked to T-Mobile and you try to use it on AT&T, it will not work. However, unlocking your phone will take care of this problem. Once your phone has been successfully unlocked, it can be used with any network provider in the area you live in.

Unlocking a phone should not be hard. That is why at FreeUnlocks.com we made sure that unlocking a phone with us is simple, fast, legal and permanent. When you unlock a phone with us, you do not need to have any phone unlocking software or malware installed on your phone. Our unlock codes are remotely generated and emailed to our customers. Furthermore, you do no need to have any special skills in order to unlock a phone with us. All you need is a computer connected to the Internet and your mobile phone will be unlocked in no time. We also offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you for any reasons you could not unlock your phone with an unlock code we have emailed to you, email a video proof to us that the code did not work and we will issue a full refund to you or you will receive a free credit for a future phone unlock (applies to orders placed through TrialPay).

At FreeUnlocks.com we offer both paid and free unlock codes. If you do not want to spend money on a phone unlocking, you can unlock your cell phone for free through our partner and a payment platform TrialPay. To get your phone unlocked at no charge to you, you will be required to try out any service or product offer by TrialPay merchants. TrialPay offers vary and you are free to pick any offer you want. After completing the offer, your code will be paid by TrialPay and we will send you an email with your free unlock code and the tutorial you need to follow to unlock your mobile phone free of charge. After receiving the code, make sure to enter it into your mobile device and it will be unlocked within a few seconds.

At FreeUnlocks.com we strive to deliver the excellent service to our customers. Since 2009 we have unlocked more than 71,500 mobile phones and have many happy customers who unlocked their phones with us. You can read about our customers’ experience at the independent review website. Here is one of the reviews that have been submitted today:

Written on: 13/08/2014 by shadowinjam (1 review written)
This is as simple as learning 123 or ABC. The steps are clear and the payment option is secure. After payment, the code came to my inbox in less than 5 minutes!
I followed the instructions and BAM!!! phone unlocked...the beautiful message "PIN Accepted" was displayed on the phone.
FreeUnlocks...YOU ROCK!
If you still have any questions about unlocking a phone at FreeUnlocks.com, watch this video or write directly to us.

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