Inserting and Removing the SD Card:

  1. With your smartphone turned off, open the microSD card slot
  2. Gently slide the card into its tray with the contacts facing up (the tray should easily click into place)
  3. To remove the card, press the "Menu" key from the home screen
  4. Tap "System settings" and swipe to "Device"
  5. Tap "Storage" > "Unmount SD card"
  6. A message will appear informing you that it's safe to remove the card
  7. Open the microSD card slot
  8. Remove the card and refit the card tray

Viewing the Amount of Space Available on the SD Card:

  1. From the home screen, press "Menu"
  2. Tap "System Settings"
  3. Swipe to "Device" and tap "Storage"
  4. The "Total space" value is visible under "SD Card"

Formatting the SD Card:

WARNING! Formatting the SD card will result in the deletion of all data stored on it. This includes downloaded files, custom ringtones, pictures, media files, contacts, backup files etc. Before proceeding with the format, it's recommended that you back up your important files. To format the SD Card:

  1. While on a home screen, press "Menu"
  2. Tap "System Settings" and swipe to "Device"
  3. Tap "Storage" > "Erase internal SD card"
  4. Tap "Erase SD card" > "Erase everything"

Opening or Deleting SD Card Files Using a Computer:

  1. Use the USB cable to connect the ZTE Concord II to your computer
  2. On the smartphone, tap "USB mass storage"
  3. On the computer, navigate to your phone's SD card storage
  4. Open and / or delete the desired files
  5. When you're done, click the "mass storage device" icon from the system tray and safely disconnect your smartphone from the computer

Opening or Deleting SD Card Files Using the Smartphone:

  1. Tap the "Apps" icon while on the home screen
  2. Open "File Manager"
  3. Access the "SD Card" tab
  4. Locate the desired folder and open or delete the desired files

Transferring Files between the SD Card and Computer:

  1. Establish a USB connection between the ZTE Concord and computer
  2. Tap "USB mass storage" on the smartphone
  3. On the computer, navigate to the desired files stored on your PC or SD card
  4. Copy the files to / from the SD card
  5. Once the transfer is done, safely disconnect your smartphone by ejecting it from the system tray

Transferring Files between the Internal and External Storage:

  1. Open the apps drawer
  2. Launch the "File Manager" application
  3. Tap "System" and locate the desired folder or file
  4. Tap the file and select "Copy"
  5. Tap and hold the destination folder and tap "Paste"
  6. Press "OK" to confirm

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