Unlocking a phone is a great way to break up with your current carrier and have the absolute freedom choosing any network provider for your phone service.

Often cell phones owners do not unlock their phones due to the high cost of unlock codes. However, at FreeUnlocks.com we are proud to offer phone unlock codes for almost any mobile phone at super competitive prices or even absolutely free if you decide to unlock your phone by trying out one offer by our partner and a popular e-commerce website TrialPay.

TrialPay is a payment website that uses “Get it Free” model, according to which their customers receive a free product every time they try out offers by TrialPay participating merchants. TrialPay has a huge variety of offers and you are totally free to select the one that appeals the most to you. After you have selected one offer to complete and have completed it successfully, your phone unlock code will be paid by TrialPay and we will send your unlock code via email to the email address you have provided to us on average within 30 minutes after the completion of the offer. Having said that, occasionally it may take more than 30 minutes to generate an unlock code for a customer’s phone (up to 48 hours). When we email your SIM network unlock PIN to you, we will also include a detailed guide on how to unlock a cellphone for free.

After you have received your code, just go ahead and enter it into you mobile phone and your phone will be instantly and permanently unlocked. The whole unlocking process will only take a few minutes and you can immediately insert any SIM card to see that your phone is unlocked.

After your phone has been unlocked, it will remain unlocked for life even if you install updates on it.

At FreeUnlocks.com we have been successfully unlocking cell phones since 2009 and keep counting. All our phone unlocks are safe, legal and 100% guaranteed. If you have had a trouble unlocking your phone with a phone unlock code we have emailed to you, make sure to contact us for a full refund upon submitting the video proof showing that an unlock code generated by us did not work.

Finally, if you have unlocked your phone and later decided to sell it, you will be able to sell your phone at a higher price than if you tried to sell your phone when it was still the locked one.

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