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    Do you wonder where to unlock a cell phone for free? No longer wonder and simply visit, where you can unlock your cell phone for free and worry free. has been launched back in 2009 and since the first day in the phone unlocking business we have unlocked over 71,500 mobile phones and keep counting. Moreover, thanks to our partnership with one of the biggest payment platform TrialPay, we are now able to offer absolutely free phone unlocks to our customers.

    TrialPay uses “Get it for Free” business model and every time their customer selects and completes any free offer by one of participating TrialPay merchants, he or she receives a free product, a free service or, in our case, a free phone unlock code. TrialPay offers a huge variety of offers and you are absolutely free to complete any offer you like. Simply visit, select your mobile phone’s model, your country of residence, the carrier your phone is locked to and proceed with “Get it Free” option for unlocking your phone.

    After you have selected the offer and successfully completed it, we will send an email to you with the instructions on how to unlock your mobile device and a free unlock code. Usually, we send a code via email within 30 minutes, but occasionally it may take about 48 hours before we are able to email working unlock codes to a customer.

    However, after you have received your SIM network unlock PIN, do not hesitate to enter it into your phone. Once your code has been entered, your phone will be forever unlocked. To check that your phone has been unlocked, just insert a SIM card of a different phone carrier and if you can see the menu of your phone without an error message – your phone is now unlocked.

    Unlocked phones offer quite a few benefits:
    1. They can be used with any network provider around the world
    2. They can be used abroad by simply inserting a local SIM card into your phone
    3. They can be sold for 30-40% higher price than the same locked phones

    Thus, do not waste any more time and unlock your mobile phone TODAY at You literally have nothing to lose: all our phone unlocks are legal, permanent and 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If, for any reasons, you won’t unlock your phone with one of the codes we have provided to you, just email to us and provide a video proof showing that codes did not work and we will gladly refund your money or give you a credit that you can use in the future to unlock your phone.

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    Re: How to Unlock a Cell Phone Free of Charge is not free you have to pay for other service then the might provide you with a free unlock. Free SmartPhone Unlock Servce. | Unlocking Smartphones has Never Been Easier. will provide you with a free unlock code, no need to pay for anything

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    Re: How to Unlock a Cell Phone Free of Charge

    Thanks for sharing helpful link.

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