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    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a phone with the following capabilities:

    1. Making phone calls
    2. Sending text
    3. Web browsing
    4. GPS navigation
    5. Play music
    6. Taking photos

    I realize that almost every single smartphone has the above features, so I am particularly looking for a smartphone that excels at downloading and playing videos.

    I want a smartphone that's like a mini-PC, in a sense that you can type in the URL in a browser and a download manager will take over the downloading. Once it finishes the download, the file will be saved to a destination on the phone that I have access to, and I can choose to play the video with different media players. More specifically, playing .MKV files.

    I am currently using the iPhone 4S and it does not have the specific feature I mentioned above, so I am wondering if there's any phones out there that perform this function exceptionally. I have never touched a Android phone so I don't know if all Android phones have that capability.

    Thank you for reading!

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    Re: Looking for a smartphone that behaves like a mini-PC.

    Android can do that. So, depending on how much you want to spend, you should take a look at the Galaxy S5, or the HTC One M8. If they are too much look at the Galaxy S4 and the HTC One. I picked out these two because they have a lot of processing power and can handle video playback easily. They also have a lot of internal space and expandable memory. If you want a larger screen then look at the Galaxy Note's.

    You will probably have to download a mkv player to the phone, which would be simple via the play store. I believe the ones I mentioned both come with file managers and a simple download folder. You can also install the Chrome browser for ease of use.

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