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    I currently have a oneplus one that I got about a week ago, and its an amazing phone to say the least. I was an avid iphone user since the iphone 3gs, but had an invite sent to me, and decided to take the plunge and go to android. I have recently retired the iphone 5S that I was using for this oneplus one. After using it for about a week, its really way too big for me to handle and pocket. I am looking for an alternative. I do like the Ios environment, but I also saw the new moto x (2014) in person and it fits my hand about 1000% better. I was wondering your thoughts on if I should keep the oneplus, or sell it and go with iphone 6, or get the moto x? Im not a total spec head and dont need the craziest of specs in a phone, just want something to last and be fast enough until next year. With my job, we get a chance to get a new phone every year, so Im not looking to keep something forever. I dont think the oneplus is a fit for me though. I used it about a week, and still not adjusting to it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Need help making a cell decision.. OnePlus / Iphone6 / Moto X

    I would save your money and get the Moto X But that's just me, I'm not an iPhone person.

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