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    Hi guys,

    I'm buying my wife a new phone for her birthday. The main/dominant purpose of the phone would be to take pictures, browse the internet and of course making phone calls, facebook etc. Absolutely no games.I'm looking at a screen size of 4.5" - 5/.5" .. Larger screen is better for browsing.

    I'm considering the xperia z2 /z3 (which ever is available) and the iphone (most likely 6).

    My main concern is the picture quality of the phones. From my experience, the iphone 5s takes amazingly great pictures (at auto mode) that no android can ever match. Of course android phones can take great pictures when the settings are tweaked but that will be out of the question. My wife is going to use it. She is just gonna rely wholly on auto mode.

    I've read alot of great things about the Z2 but would like to know how it compares with the iphone typically in the following areas :-

    1. Taking pictures of moving objects (mainly our baby who won't remain still) - my Lenovo K900 sucks at this no matter what settings i use (shutter speed is too slow). The Iphone 5s on the other hand takes brilliant pictures.

    2. Taking pictures indoors. How does the z2 compare with the iphone's true tone flash?

    I absolutely love the other z2 features - expandable storage, removable batteries, water proof, wireless charging, etc.

    Having said that, the following features will not be relevant :-
    1. 4k video recording (at least not for now) - HD is sufficient
    2. fingerprint censor
    3. anything to do with gaming.

    A quick answer will be much appreciated.

    Best regards,

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    Re: Need Help Choosing a new Phone

    Hopefully your decision is done!
    Iam also looking for a new Smartphone. Got a Samsung Galaxy S4 and it seems i gonna order an Iphone 6. Looked for a short Review and found this Video. It looks like the normal Iphone 6?
    Do you already bought one?
    Don´t know if i should buy the "small" one or the Plus Iphone. Both are looking big and sometimes i already were overwhelmed by my Samsung!
    Is the greater Version of the Iphone usable for small Hands?
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    Re: Need Help Choosing a new Phone

    Any photography with low light is going to require a high ISO range, and high aperture (low number) in order to get the shutter as fast as possible to eliminate blur, but capture a lot of light.

    The iPhone 6 has
    • f/2.2 lens (aperture)
    • high ISO (can't find numbers)
    • 8mp

    The Xperia z3 has:
    • f/2.0 lens
    • 12800 max ISO
    • 20.7mp

    So based on those numbers the z3 has a better camera. However, this isn't necessarily true. When you have more megapixels, the pixels are smaller and absorb less light. In other words, there's more data that has to be captured. So you may get a blurry picture in the same light as the iPhone 6 because it has to do more work. Of course, you can always turn down the z3 quality setting.

    Either way, I don't think you'd be disappointed with either choice.

    Here's an article that can explain this a little better: iPhone 6 Might Be Best Pocket Camera You Can Buy

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    Re: Need Help Choosing a new Phone with a great camera

    Almost any one of the higher end Galaxy lines will be a great phone. The iPhone has a very nice camera but lacks customization which is a big deal to me.

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    Re: Need Help Choosing a new Phone with a great camera

    I have the Z3, and the picture are amazing (compared to my nexus 5)

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