If You are heaving any issues with your current network provider. The prices are getting higher and higher, all of your friends are in a different network or You need to change the network for other reasons, our website is sure to help You.<BR><BR>

On unlock4huawei.com - unlock your phone, You will find a variety of Huawei models that can be unlocked to a different network.<BR>
The unlocking process is very easy, You need to insert an unaccepted simcard, and after a message to input a code appers, You enter the code that You receive from us and that is it, the phone is now free of a sim blockade.<BR><BR>

We can unlock every Huawei model from any network if it asks for a code.<BR>
If it doesn't the phone is either unlocked or there is a system problem.<BR><BR>

The price fr unlocking a Huawei phone is 7.99USD.<BR>

We hope that You will find this information usefull, and that You will give a try to make your life a lot easier.

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