Many customers have a problem with a refund, when they are asked for a video proof for their order.<BR><BR>

They think that unlock websistes are asking for too much and don't respect their time.<BR><BR>

The truth is that all websites have their employes and need to pay them.<BR><BR>

The website pays for the codes as well as the customer they don't get it for free, that is why the prices differ on all websites.<BR><BR>

We understand that You might be angry that the codes don't work, but please remember that insulting an employe or yelling at him doesn't work.<BR><BR>

The only thing that You can achieve is that the customer service will disconnect You and it has a right to do it if You insult him.<BR><BR>

Why the video is required, because it s the only way we can check if the codes don't work.<BR><BR>

It is not that we don't believe just many people unlock their phones and than ask for a refund, when we ask for a video proof they get mad, and say that we are a scam.<BR><BR>

It doesn't make sense, because if we were lying we wouldn't give You any option for a refund, which many website do, they say it didn't work and that is all.<BR><BR>

Please treat the companies with respect, and I can guarantee that they will do everything to help You.

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