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    Hello, newbie to the board here.

    So I have a HTC One M7, and am looking to replace it. I am looking at Samsung Note 4, Note Edge and the Sony Experia Z3, and maybe the Nexus 6. I like something with a nice UI, good storage (I tend to save a lot of photos and music), nice screen, nice visuals, and a good camera would be nice. I do a lot of web browsing, music listening, video watching, and photo taking. Any help? Someone point me in the right direction, please. Oh, I'm on tmo.


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    Re: Please help. I am looking for a new phone and having a hard time deciding, thanks

    Have you taken a look at and used anything other than the HTC touchwiz stuff? What are the reasons you don't like the M7?
    IMO, the Note 4 would be fantastic for your needs, but Im a little biased towards Samsung at this point.

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    Re: Please help. I am looking for a new phone and having a hard time deciding, thanks

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    I would say go with the Nexus 6, it is almost as a Tablet in size, has great Hardware specs, and the build is not out of some cheap plastic crap

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    Re: Please help. I am looking for a new phone and having a hard time deciding, thanks

    My last phone was HTC 3D. I have used Blackberry, very old and new versions of Windows (don't think I care for it), and I had the original iPhone.

    I don't like that I have to download and use third party apps to customize it. And when I do my phone starts to get buggy and lags and uses so much memory. So in that case why not use an iPhone that has more Apps that are iOS specific and pretty useful, no? Maybe I am doing it wrong or going about it the wrong way. I mean if Android and HTC tout how customizable they are and yet they really aren't. Also, don't care for the BlinkFeed and Zoe.

    For those reasons I think if I use The 6 I'll get bored again. It does have great specs that are enticing. I just don't understand why the Z or 6 don't make more use of such a large screen like Note. So what's the point of using such a large phone if it doesn't do the multi window thing like Note?

    The Edge has its nice little edge screen and holds necessary shortcuts and has the tickers and notifications which cleans up the screens. And of course the multi tasking windows thing.

    I just dunno. 6 with straight up stock Android which means faster updates and maybe it would be better suited for customizing? Or Note that makes more use of the larger screen, and at this time has more photo capture options, and wide angle front facing camera. And then there is the Z that seems like it's basic Android and has higher pixel camera, is waterproof, and just looks sleek.

    Then there is sound to think about. With the M7 with its Beats sound and front facing speakers I'm pretty spoiled and have gotten used to it.

    I don't know what to do. Maybe start with one of the four and if I don't like it within the fourteen day period move on to another? How will,I know I'll be satisfied with it within two weeks though.

    Ahhhhhhh.... This should not be so hard.

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