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    I bought a SIII from someone, I have seen this phone in use and know it is fully functional. When I ran the Identification number at a few sites online, everything came back clean (not stolen). When I tried to switch my number to the phone with Straight Talk they said the phone has never been run across a bar code reader. What exactly does this mean? The Straight talk people would not elaborate on this or help me to figure it out. I assume that they are trying to not tell me that they think the phone is stolen. But I am not experienced about phones and would just like to be sure what the problem is, and what if anything can be done about it. Any clarity on this would be appreciated.

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    Re: I am just looking for some straight (talk) answers. Anybody??

    When you say someone was it someone you know? What service was the phone originally activated on? If it is a Verizon SIII that may be the issue.

    As far as the bar code reader this sounds like they're referring to the sim you are trying to use in the phone. It was never activated. The phone itself shouldn't matter as long as it has an IMEI # and is unlocked.

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