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    I am looking to get a really good but cheap(below $250) no contract unlimited calling/text phone with wifi & a good camera. I have always had a flip phone, & feel it is time to upgrade with the times. I get annoyed sometimes when using other peoples smartphones since the display is sensitive to being touched & gets off of what I am looking at but I am sure I can get used to it..Also, one thing I am thinking of is, will I like not having actual buttons to click..
    If there was a phone out there with buttons & a big enough screen, then I'd take it.
    So far these are what I have looked at. I would like to stick with Verizon so I can keep my same number.

    While these are the two I have looked at, I have read both good & bad reviews for both..so I am confused..
    1.Verizon Moto G Prepaid Smartphone
    2.Verizon Samsung Galaxy SIII Prepaid Smartphone

    I currently have
    Verizon Gusto 3 Prepaid Cell Phone

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    Re: Which phone should I get or look at?

    I can help you with Smasung Galaxy SIII. Its performance is very good. Specially camera quality and screen. If you want to play games and capture photos then I think Samsung Galaxy SIII will be best.

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    Re: Which phone should I get or look at?

    The Verizon Moto G does not have a sd card slot and only has 5+GB usable internal storage. The Galaxy 3 cost more but used ones are not that much more and it has expendable storage plus a betted camera.

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    Re: Which phone should I get or look at?

    You should buy Moto G.The device comes with Excellent features and Great display.It offers 4.5 inches (Compact) display,5 MP Primary camera and 2070 mAh, Li-ion bettery.The Moto G's connectivity options include 3G, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB OTG, A-GPS and FM Radio. A non-removable 2070 Li-Ion battery fuels the phone.Go for it.

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    Re: Which phone should I get or look at?

    I have to agree with the others. Go with the Galaxy 3. I previously had one and it worked fine and had lots of great games to play.

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