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    My Lg was sat overnight in a puddle of water on table (cats) hubby got up in middle of night could hear a weird buzzing...ooops there it was!, took out battery, sim and he just left it but left it so all the water would've run deeper into the phone Arrrrgh! When I got up I turned it over and put it outside to dry ( I live in the sunshine state). I just brought it in after 9 hrs drying time, aimed a hairdryer on cool the from quite a distance over it let it cool and put battery back in ..still just buzzes with nothing on screen urrggh!. OK I have ordered another phone (S4) Since it looks hopeless and the sticker is now red its clearly shot HERES MY QUESTION..is it possible for me or to get somebody proffessional to retrieve my numbers from dead phone? I have 25 years of client's numbers and they aren't backed up ( I know Im an idiot) There's one more thing..I was already going to get a new phone as the charger wouldn't go in the plug in phone as it was broken (my hubby has same phone so I was just charging my battery in his phone) so cant get numbers out via phone charger cord.. I'm desperate any advice?

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    Re: Given up on wet phone is there a way to rescue numbers ?

    What LG phone is it? If the phone shorted somewhere, and the contacts were not stored in an sd card or sim card, then it'll be very difficult to get the contacts off of it, but not impossible in the hands of the right person. It depends on how much those contacts are worth to you.

    The problem is if the contacts are stored in the phone memory itself, that memory is physically in a chip on the motherboard of the phone. That chip needs to get power and it can't simply be moved to a new motherboard that isn't damaged. However, if contaminants in the water dried on the motherboard and are causing a connection to be bridged, the phone just needs to be taken apart and cleaned very carefully with pure alcohol. Depending on how many contacts you have, and what phone you have, you can probably just back them up with an app or online service. If it's an old phone you may have to get the data/charging port repaired so you can back them up directly to your computer. Again, depending on how many contacts you have and if you don't feel like copying them manually.

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