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    First time posting here, I have quite limited knowledge about new cell phones, and I am not looking for high end smart phones.

    Looking for a simple, robust cell phone, with full, solid, thumb keyboard and long battery/standby time. This phone will be used sporadically as basic phone (max 2-3 hours a week) and for SMS. Very important feature is the long battery life, preferably a week between charges, so I do not have to look where to charge it, especially when traveling and spending few days on planes, airports, cars and buses.

    As I mention, it will be used just as a basic phone, for SMS, and nothing else. When I need more, I use laptop.

    Regarding configuration, ideal would be classic BalckBerry style, or one of those with sliding keyboard.

    Also, dual SIM card will be a nice feature. Since I am contractor, going from one area to another, phone must be unlocked.

    Refurbished phone is OK.

    Please advise which model will the best for me, and who has the best deals. BTW, I am located near Toronto, Canada.

    Thanks to all!

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