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    I have an unlocked iphone4 using ATT. I'd like to try Consumer Cellular (pre-paid, no contract service) for a month before I decide to switch or not. They use the ATT network so hopefully they are fully compatible to my phone and similar to my current coverage performance.

    BUT, I don't want to cancel my ATT account during this time in case I want to stay with ATT after this trial period. I will not transfer my existing ATT number to Consumer Cell during this time... I'll just use a new cell number with Consumer Cell.

    So, my plan would be to pop in the Consumer Cellular sim card for a few days to try them out, then pop in the ATT sim card for a few more days... and do this during the trial month.

    At the end of the trial period, if I like the Consumer Cell result, I'll just transfer my ATT cell number to Consumer Cell and kill the ATT account. If I don't like Consumer Cell, I'll end my account with them, and stay with ATT.

    Does this plan make sense? Can I pop in different carrier's sim cards like this?
    Will ATT know I'm doing this?
    Any things I should be aware of?


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    Re: swapping sim cards between 2 carriers - advice?

    This makes perfect sense to me. If your phone is unlocked you should be able to swap SIM cards whenever you like and use the respective service each SIM card provides. This is how many people test services on handsets.

    AT&T may have some inclination but that shouldn't deter you from doing this.

    Good luck.
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