Hello - was with Alltel and was forced to switch to AT & T. My dad is blind and he had to give up his LG AX145 phone during the switch. I am having trouble finding a phone that he can use. The LG AX145 was awesome because I programmed it to activate "voice command" upon opening the flip phone. In other words, when my dad opened the phone, all he had to do was say, "Call Kim's cell" and it would call me. I programmed every name in his address book (which isn't many - 14 or so) with his voice saying the command. Worked like a charm. Unfortunately, AT & T can't use the LG AX-145 nor can I find another carrier (prepaid or otherwise) that still uses the AX-145. I need a phone that either has a button I can program to activate voice commands (not follow menus that he can't see), or upon opening the phone it will activate voice commands. Then, I need the phone to understand what he is saying and make the correct call! The LG A380 that I had to choose with AT & T will not call the right person or number for nothing! Any suggestions?

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