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    I would like to ask people here for feed-back on a new product, for mobile devices I invented and want to take to the market.

    It is a protective case for mobile devices, including mobile phones. We have all heard of the iPhone 6 'Bendgate' problem but this problem is not just the domain of Apple or about bending, I am talking about the screen breaking, damage to internal part when dropping the phone etc.

    So my product is intended to give peace of mind to users of the current and new generations of mobile devices, so that they are not afraid of putting the device in their back pocket and sitting on it, stepping on it or putting it in a hand bag which is packed with all kinds of things that can damage the phone.

    My idea was to add a strong steel reinforcement to a plastic case for the device. This reinforcement keeps the case slim and does not add considerable weight to it. It protects the screen against shattering, the body against bending and pressure.

    Here is the link to my current crowdfunding campaign where there are details of the product:

    I am posting some photos here too.

    All positive comments will be appreciated. Thank you.

    Ask me questions too.

    Some broken phones (especially iPhones)

    Need comments on a new cell phone protective cover-article-broken-screen-500.jpg

    My test: on the left is the plastic case without the metal core, it is easy to bend it; on the right is the case with the metal core, it will not bend with the same pressure.
    Need comments on a new cell phone protective cover-test-bend-2.jpg

    The case cover is held up when opened so as not to block the camera behind
    Need comments on a new cell phone protective cover-use-hand.jpg
    The cover can also be used for holding the phone steady and as an upstand to use the phone on a table
    Need comments on a new cell phone protective cover-p1060025.jpgNeed comments on a new cell phone protective cover-p1070003.jpgNeed comments on a new cell phone protective cover-use-hand2.jpg

    See More: Need comments on a new cell phone protective cover
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    Re: Need comments on a new cell phone protective cover

    Good experiment. Somehow it might help to determine the phone cover best or not. However, I also have an iphone cover which was ordered from Mobansp online store.

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