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    Hi everyone,

    I'm looking to get a new smartphone from verizon, currently have a 822 Windows phone and want to go to something android this time. I dont have much of a budget, so I need to stick to a free phone, maybe $50 at max. I was looking at their offerings and I was on the fence between the motorola Droid Maxx(Free) and the gen 2 Moto X ($50). Which of those would your pic? Should I consider any other phones?

    Typically i use my phone for alot of picture taking and video of the kids and my cars, etc. I'm not a huge gamer but i use the phone and apps for more and more things lately, banking, movie tickets, anything really.

    Thanks for any input


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    Re: Best free to $50 smartphone at verizon?

    I would go with the latest that you can afford, honestly. The more you load these things up with pics and apps, the slower they get and you can use all the memory and processing power that you can get. The new moto X would be a great choice, although I haven't used this one personally, it has some good specs.

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