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To get your Pantech unlock codes for free, all you will be asked to do is to select and then complete one free offer from our business partner TrialPay. TrialPay is an e-commerce platform that uses ‘Get it Free’ business model. It works this way: every time you fulfill one offer from any participating TrialPay vendor, TrialPay gives you a free product or complimentary service or service trial. TrialPay is a popular website and you have a wide selection of different offers in the variety of categories. You can find offers from big businesses such as Hulu, Free Credit Score, Visa and Netflix. It is totally up to you to decide what offer to fulfill. Just go through the offers on our website page and pick the one you like. After you have successfully fulfilled all offer requirements, your unlock codes will be paid for, generated and later sent to an email address you have entered when you placed your order. And you are almost there. Once you have gotten the email from us, open it up and enter the code we have sent to you into your Pantech Dika. The code should instantly unlock your cell phone. If the unlock code you have entered did not work, try another code we have emailed to you. If you have tried all the codes and not a single one worked on your Pantech Dika, contact us immediately, describe what happened, back up your claim with video evidence, and we will immediately process the full refund.

Does not it sound easy? It sure does. It will only take a few minutes to unlock your mobile phone. If you do not feel like completing one of TrialPay offers or have not found the offer you like, you can purchase your Pantech unlock codes via PayPal. We offer industry competitive prices that are guaranteed to be one of the lowest on the web.
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