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    Kristall Premium Liquid Screen Protector

    Watch Video Here:

    Awarded By Digital Trend 2015.
    Kristall Premium Liquid Screen Protector-unnamed-1-.jpg

    Product features & Functions

    1.Easy application and 100% bubble free
    2.Enjoy the HD experience of the screen display
    3.More sensitive of screen touch
    4.Reduce finger marks and smudges & easy to clean the screen
    5.Suitable for all size of electronic devices

    What happens when SiO2 Liquid Glass is applied?

    Our coatings are imperceptible but changes will soon occur to the treated surface. Drops of water will roll around like a ball bearing on fabric. Stains will not permeate stone, even if left for long periods of time. Stainless steel will become fingerprint resistant and keep its shiny appearance – even in public . The glass on cellular phones will become scratch resistant. All surfaces will stop the growth of bacteria. For additional benefits, see “What is SiO2 Ultra Fine Layering or Liquid Glass?”

    Kristall Official Website:
    Windshield Coating, Smartphone & tablet screen protector, Car body Protective Coating | Kristall Global

    Kristall Official Distributor (Free Worldwide Shipping) :
    Kristall Tempered Glass Pure Liquid Screen Protector

    See More: Kristall Premium Liquid Screen Protector
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