Guys, I am looking to buy a new phone.
I was hoping that I can list my wish list below and you guys can point me in the right direction. I'll also look for a place to buy it with at least decent service and with US warranty, OR, if the phone is cheap enough, I’ll just look for a used one on ebay.

It must be unlocked as I don't use a lot of minutes and I want to be able to pick the provider I want.

..........So, here's what I want in the phone....................

Note that my current phone is the NEXUS ONE which I have had since it first came out and I’m comparing to that in size, resolution and so on.
Note, I must be able to ROOT the phone if needed, but I assume they can all be rooted.

1. Good Touch sensitivity. I’m so fed up with the Nexus one screen. It sucks on sensitivity and half the time I can’t even get things pressed in time to answer the phone. I’m going to assume that EVER phone these days is better on the touch sensitivity than my old Nexus One which apparently had problems.

2. Good quality speaker and loud. For speech, I don’t intend on playing music on it.

3. Newer Android version as I want predictive dialing so that when I dial, it auto completes the phone numbers for me. I don’t care if it does this with text, I want it to do it with phone numbers.

4. Again, newer version of Android so I can have the option to make fonts bigger. I like the multi size option they have now.

5. I would like to have a decent camera (the one facing away from the screen) but this is NOT a must.

6. Decent size screen (the Nexus one is around 3.8” which is fine for me) with decent resolution and contrast. I do NOT need a big phone and I think 4.5-4.7” screen is about the biggest I want as the phones get too big after that.

7. For use in the US mainly so must work on ATT and T-Mobile.

8. I want Wi-Fi

9. I want Blue Tooth (again, I’m assuming this is available on all phones)

10. Sending pics with text is something that would be nice to have but I’ve lived without it for 5 years so I can do another 5 standing on my head.

11. The Nexus One has 480x800 resolution I think and I love that screen so that is GOOD ENOUGH. Anything over that is a bonus. I have no idea how 240x480 will look like some of the cheapo ones have.

12. Doesn’t have to be very fast, I WILL ONLY use it as a phone.

13. My phone service is 4G but they say I can use 2g if necessary and I don’t do much more than calling so since I’m sure it’s cheaper, 2G is fine, however, I would prefer 4g capable, just in case.

14. The ability to use as hotspot. Not a must.

15. I have a ringtone that I’ve had for years and I’d like to be able to just put that back on the phone and I assume I can just hook it up to the pc and drop it in the right folder?

16. I would like GPS but not really necessary since I haven’t really used it at all on the Nexus

17. To get voice dial with hands free in the truck, I assume I need voice dialing on the phone? I would like that but again, not a deal breaker. I’m broke so that is what decides my purchase.

18. Decent quality and at least a year/warranty.

19. Multitouch or gesture or whatever it’s called would be nice for when I want to enlarge a picture but again, NOT necessary.

Well, that should be plenty of info. Could I stay under two hundred bucks with this?

Thanks for any tips and please, including links if you can.


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