Hi.. i posted a while ago, after I had purchased a refurbished, unlocked samsung S275 to use with Rogers Wireless in Canada with their sim card.

I just activated this phone and am trying to use it.

I have almost the same exact phone in the USA made by Samsung, but the menu and adjustment buttons, although stationed in exactly the same position on the phone screen, perform quite distinctly different functions.

how in the world can I change the ring tone???... I have been through the manual which I got from the samsung site for the S275 phone.. The photos show that this is indeed the manual for the phone I have in my hand.

There is no page for sounds > ringtones in the manual.

any suggestions ?? I know this is a rather abstruse question.
But it is a " no bells and whistles flip phone".
maybe someone on the forum is so totally familiar with samsung older phones that they can help me.

The only limiting factor may be that this is a flip phone which I purchased in Canada from factory direct store. Maybe Canadian phones are all just very different.

thanks , anyone who tries to respond.
If no one responds.. thanks Tavenger for this awesome forum, where I have always come in the past five or six years for any cell phone question I have had.


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