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    Are you having big plans to unlock your Alcatel Pixi? Have you already decided how and where you want to get it unlocked? Before you make any decision and proceed with your phone unlocking, we strongly suggest checking out our phone unlocking website

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    At we unlock every phone via an unlock code we generate remotely by ourselves. Therefore, you don’t have to ship your Alcatel Pixi to us and you can be sure that no damage will be caused to your phone – after all you don’t have to part with your cell phone even for a second and you can get it unlocked without leaving your home. All you need to unlock a mobile phone with us is a computer, tablet or laptop that has an access to the Internet and you are all good to go. Thus, as you can see unlocking a phone at is so easy that you won’t need any assistance from your more tech savvy buddy and you don’t need to have any special skills or technical knowledge – we guarantee that you will be able to unlock your phone easily all by yourself.

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    Re: How to Get Your Alcatel Pixi Unlocked Quickly and Free of Charge

    It's just only rare where you can get an Unlock code for free or you can get it for free from where your phone is currently locked to (carrier) once your phone is fully paid off and Out of it's Contract.

    It's a good thing to unlock your phone so you can be able to use it on any carrier.
    The best way of unlocking it is through IMEI . It's just easy and not that technical way.

    How to unlock Alcatel Pixi :

    1. Insert SIM card from a source different than your original Service Provider (i.e. if you have a Rogers phone, use a non-Rogers SIM card).
    2. Alcatel Pixi will ask you to enter SIM Unlock PIN.
    3. Enter Unlock Code.
    4. Your Vodafone Alcatel Pixi will be unlocked!

    Just try to visit unlocking sites on the internet or check Unlockbase site, they support any network as long as your Provider ID is supported on their list.

    Good luck !

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