Need to unlock your Huawei G20, but donít know how? is here to help you.

Unlocking a phone is removing a software block that your original phone carrier put on your phone. Once your cell phone has been successfully unlocked, you can use it with any phone network anywhere in the world. has been launched in 2009 and we have been unlocking phones since then. For these 6 years being online more than 96,500 mobile phones were unlocked with our help. Now you can become one of our satisfied customers by unlocking your Huawei G20.

If you need a little bit more convincing before you decide to use for your phone unlocking, let us tell you a little bit about our website. At our goal is to provide safe, quick and legal phone unlocks to our customer. And this is the main reason we have decided to go with generated unlock codes. We remotely generate SIM network unlock PIN for each customerís phone and then email the codes to him or her. Thus, the entire unlocking process takes the place online and you donít have to worry about your cell phone being damaged or harmed during shipping or unlocking. Furthermore, unlocking a phone at is a very easy process. We swear anyone can unlock a phone at our site on its own without any special technical skills or additional knowledge. Donít trust us? Read these customersí reviews posted on an independent review website. You can read one of the reviews below:

ďWorks very fastĒ
Written on: 01/07/2015 by Aliya31 (1 review written)

I have bosnian locked phone and i was in germany i didnt believe it would work. But i decided to try because it costs 7,99. But beyond my low expectation it worked. First i found instruction in youtube. There were many instructions with different webpages. But was cheap. Thought if it wouldnt work i would loose 8 usd. Not much too loss. But it worked!!!! I recomend Its easy, fast and works!

Customer Service
Value For Money
And, finally, at your phone unlock is 100% guaranteed. Thus, if for any reasons, your phone could not be unlocked with our unlock codes, contact us, submit a video evidence and we will issue the full refund quickly. Therefore, as you can see, you have absolutely nothing to lose by trying

What do you think? Are you ready and excited to give a try? Then go to our website right away, find Huawei G20 on the list of mobile devices we currently unlock and select it as a phone you want to unlock today. Once done selecting your phone, tell us what country you are from and which phone carrier put a lock on your phone. And you are almost there. Now all is left to do is to choose how you want to unlock your Huawei G20. You can simply pay for your phone unlock or you can select to unlock your Huawei G20 for free via TrialPay. Regardless, what you choose, we will generate unlock codes and sent them to you via email.

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