Back Up Applications:

  1. Tap “Apps” while viewing the home screen
  2. Go to “Settings
  3. Swipe to “Personal” and tap “Backup and reset"
  4. Sign in to your Google account. If necessary, tap “Backup account” > “Add account” and follow the on-screen prompts
  5. Check the boxes associated with “Automatic restore” and “Back up my data” to store Wi-Fi passwords, settings, and other types of data when re-installing the apps

Restore Application Data:

  1. Tap “Apps” and go to “Settings
  2. Swipe to “Personal” and tap “Backup and reset
  3. Sign in to the Google account used for the initial backup. Tap "Backup account” > “Add account
  4. Check the “Automatic restore” option

Back Up contacts:

  1. Tap “Apps” while on the home screen
  2. Go to “Settings
  3. Scroll to “Accounts” and tap “Google
  4. Select your Google account and mark the check boxes associated with the contacts you wish to back up

NOTE: Contacts will be automatically restored the next time you sign into your Google account.

Back Up Media Files on a Google Account:

  1. Tap “Apps” on the home screen
  2. Access “Photos
  3. If necessary, tap “Backup account” > “Add account”. Otherwise select an existing Google account
  4. Press “Menu” > “Settings” > “Auto Backup
  5. Tap the “Auto Backup” switch to “ON
    • You can set up the “Backup storage” preferences for “Photo size
    • You can set the “Backup settings” to select the preferred network type for file backups
  6. When you’re ready to back up your data, tap “Back up all

NOTE: Media files can be restored automatically the next time you sign into your Google account.

Enable Android Anti-Theft:

NOTE: With Android Anti-Theft enabled users will be required to enter the Google password even when trying to apply a factory reset. This is a security feature that can help protect your data in case you lose your phone. To enable Anti-Theft:

  1. Tap “Apps” on the home screen
  2. Go to “Settings” and access “Security
  3. Tap “Protect your phone"
  4. Tap “Activate” and if necessary, sign in with your Google account to set up a screen lock

To disable Android Anti-Theft:

  1. Go to the phone’s “Settings” menu
  2. Access “Security” > “Protect your phone
  3. Tap “Deactivate” and enter your PIN to confirm
  4. Tap “Next” > “OK

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