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    Insert an SD Card:

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    1. Turn off your phone
    2. Remove the back cover and the battery
    3. Slide the microSD card into the slot, as shown in the image above
    4. Refit the batter and the back cover
    5. Power on the phone and if necessary, go to "Settings" > "Storage" and mount the SD card

    View the Amount of Storage on the SD Card:

    1. Tap "Apps" on the home screen
    2. Go to "Settings"
    3. Swipe to "Device" and tap "Storage"
    4. You can view the storage values under "SD card"

    Change the Phone's Default Storage Location:

    NOTE: By default your phone will use the internal memory for storing new / downloaded data. You can change the default storage location to SD card by doing the following:

    1. Tap "Apps" on the home screen
    2. Go to "Settings" and scroll to "Device"
    3. Tap "Storage" and under "Default write disk", select "SD card"

    Transfer Files Between Internal and External Storage:

    1. Tap "Apps" on the home screen
    2. Launch "File Manager"
    3. Tap "Phone storage" > "Phone" to access the internal memory
    4. Locate the desired files
    5. Tap "Options" > "Select"
    6. Select the files you want to transfer or tap "Select all"
    7. Tap "Options" > "Copy selected". (NOTE: alternatively tap "Move selected" to avoid creating duplicate files)
    8. Scroll to and tap "SD Card"
    9. Tap "Open" and navigate to where you wish to transfer the files
    10. Tap "Options" > "Select" > "Paste" / "Move"

    Open or Delete Files on the SD Card

    Using the Smartphone:

    1. Tap "Apps" on the home screen
    2. Launch "File Manager" and tap "SD card"
    3. Navigate to and tap the file(s) you want to delete or open
    4. To open a file, tap it again
    5. To delete an item, tap the "trash can:" icon and tap "OK" to confirm

    Using a Windows PC:

    1. Connect the Alcatel OneTouch Pop Astro to your computer via USB
    2. In the AutoPlay window click "Open device to view files"
    3. Access the directory associated with the SD card storage
    4. Navigate to, and double-click an item that you wish to open
    5. To remove an item select it and press "CTRL + D" to send it straight to the recycle bin
    6. Once you're done managing your files, eject the phone's storage from the system tray and safely disconnect the device from the PC

    See More: Alcatel OneTouch Pop Astro: Manage the SD Card / External Storage
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