Just bought a wi fi receiver with the intent of replacing an old hi fi, and replacing with an amp connected to a wi fi receiver the wirelessly play music from my tablet.

I have followed he instructions but I cant get it to work.

It is a 'Veetop' device. My amp and speakers play music from my tablet if I connect it through a cable, so I know the amp works fine. I used the same cable (supplied with the Veetop box) to connect my amp to the Veetop, and connected to the Veetop network under wi fi settings on my tablet.

When I play the music, it only plays locally on the tablet. Yet I can connect a bluetooth speaker over wi fi and the tablet plays wirelessly through the bluetooth speaker ok. However I cannot get the tablet to play to the new wi fi Veetop unit.

The instructions are not at all detailed, but it suggests I have to have apps which use DLNA, so I have downloaded BubbleUNpN player which was one of the suggested players, but this still didn't help. Any ideas greatly appreciated

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