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    I'm a Swiss student, and i've planned to come in Hawaii to improve my english for 3 month.
    I discoverd your website that is AMAZING ! Thank you very much for all the information !

    I have 2 question about Hawaii, and was wondering if you could maybe help me ?

    As i'll be there for 3 month, i would like to take a "pre-paid card" so i can have a number in Hawaii in case of emergency etc...What operator can you recommand me ? (I wont use so much, so i'm not interested in refliling like 60 $), so just something very simple (and yeah, i already have a phone)

    My other question is about supermarket. I'll located in Waikiki (445 Seaside Avenue) and i was wondering were can I buy cheap "food" (like supermarket and so) (I dont have a car).

    And, yeah, maybe a last one, i'm looking for buying a cheap bicycle, do you have any idea where i can get a old and cheap one ?

    Thank's a lot

    See you maybe in a few weeks in Honolulu

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    Re: Some general question about Hawaii :)

    There are many stores providing sim cards you can get while you are in Hawaii. Just to let you know I used TCAWireless, got it all sorted before I left, and they were great. I got unlimited plans with international calling and texting. Now for the cheap food you can check Hi Steaks or Paiís Deli.

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