View and Reset the Call Log:

  1. Tap “Phone”
  2. Tap the “Clock” icon in the lower-left area of the screen
  3. The call log is listed under “History”
  4. To clear the call log, tap “menu” > “Clear call log”
  5. Select the entries you want to remove > “OK”

Add a Contact:

  1. Tap “Phone” on the home screen
  2. Tap “Contacts” > “+ Add contact”
  3. Select to store the contact on the “USIM”, “Phone” or “Google” account
  4. Enter the contact’s name, phone number (and other information you want) in the appropriate fields
  5. Tap “Done” to save the contact

Transfer Contacts between SD Card and Phone:

  1. Tap “People” on the home screen
  2. Go to “Contacts”
  3. Tap “Menu” > “Import / Export”
  4. Under “Copy Contacts From” select “SD Card” or “Phone”
  5. Tap “Next”
  6. Select “Phone” or “SD Card” under “Copy Contacts to”
  7. Tap “Next”
  8. Select the desired contacts or vCard to import and tap “OK”

Transfer Contacts between SIM card and Phone:

  1. Open “People”
  2. Tap “Contacts” > “Menu” > “Import / Export”
  3. Tap “Phone” or “SIM Card” under “Copy Contacts From”
  4. Tap “Next”
  5. Under “Copy Contacts To”, tap “Phone” or “SIM card”
  6. Select the desired contacts or tap “Select all”
  7. Tap “Export contacts” > “OK”

Add a Contact to Speed Dial:

  1. Tap “Phone” on the home screen
  2. Access the “Dialer” tab
  3. Press “menu” > “Speed dial”
  4. Select a dial pad number
  5. Select a contact to associate with the dial pad number

Delete a Contact:

  1. Launch “People”
  2. Tap “Contacts”
  3. Press “Menu” > “Delete contacts” > “Delete contacts”
  4. Select the contacts you want to remove
  5. Tap the “checkmark” icon and press “OK”

Create a Caller Group:

  1. Tap “Apps” on the home screen
  2. Launch “People”
  3. Access the “Groups” tab
  4. Tap “Add group”
  5. Select to add the group to your Google account or the phone’s memory
  6. Enter the group’s name in the appropriate field
  7. To add a contact to the group, enter its name
  8. Tap “Done”

Add Contacts to an Existing Caller Group:

  1. Launch “People”
  2. Go to “Groups”
  3. Select the desired group
  4. Press “Menu” > “Edit”
  5. Enter the name of the contact you want to add, or tap “Add contacts” to add multiple contacts
  6. Make your selection if necessary and tap “Done”

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