Add a Contact:

  1. Tap “Apps” on the home screen
  2. Open “Contacts
  3. Tap “+” and enter the contact’s phone number, name, and other details in the appropriate fields
  4. To save the contact tap “Done

Import / Export Contacts:

  1. Open “Contacts
  2. Tap “Menu” > “Import / Export
  3. Tap “Import from SIM card”, “Import from storage”, or “Export to storage"
  4. Tap “OK” if exporting contacts. When importing, choose an account and follow the on-screen steps

Create a Speed Dial Widget:

  1. On the home screen, tap and hold an empty area
  2. Tap “Widgets” and find the “Direct Dial” one
  3. Tap and hold the “Direct Dial” widget, and drag > drop it on top of the home screen
  4. At the prompt, select the desired contact to associate with the Direct Dial Widget

NOTE: Direct Dial widgets can be organized in groups on the home screen, by dragging and dropping one on top of the other to create a folder.

Delete a Contact:

  1. Open “Contacts
  2. Tap the contact you wish to remove
  3. Tap “Edit contact
  4. Tap “Menu” > “Delete
  5. Press “OK” to confirm

Create a Caller Group:

  1. Launch “Contacts
  2. Tap “+” and select an account
  3. Swipe to “Groups” and tap “Group name
  4. Tap “Create a new Group” and enter the desired name
  5. Tap “OK” and add the contact’s details
  6. Tap “Back” to save the group

Add a Contact to an Existing Caller Group:

  1. Launch “Contacts
  2. Select the contact you want to add
  3. Tap the “edit” icon shaped like a pencil
  4. Tap “Group name” under “Groups
  5. Select the group you want to add the contact to
  6. Tap “Back” to save

View and Reset the Call Log:

  1. On the home screen, tap “Phone
  2. Tap “Menu” > “Call history
  3. To view more details on a call log, tap and hold it
  4. To reset the call log, tap “Menu” > “Clear call log

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