So just new to this forum, as I have been having some phone issues and can't seem to find any real direction as to how to solve them.

Over the past 4 years I have had a re-occuring problem with my cell phones. After a short time using them they all have either lost reception or no one can hear me while I can hear them clearly. I originally am from Canada and had this issue over 3 different phones (a LG flip phone, an HTC android and a Motorolla Moto G). All three phones took about a year to get to this place, where no one would be able to hear me on the other end, while I could hear them perfectly. My service provider always said this was a phone issue, so I would usually get a new phone and it would solve the issue for some time. This last one about a month ago with my Moto G made me wonder if something else was going on, as the phone had no issues whatsoever and out of the blue started doing the same thing as my previous two phones. So, the story continues that I have just moved to Thailand and have a brand new sim card, carrier (dtac) and new to me iPhone 4s that never had problems for the previous owner and now is exhibiting the exact same symptoms within a week of using the network! I tried a little experiment yesterday with a friend and whenever I answered the phone (which had full bars) he couldn't hear me, but I could hear him just fine (we tried this about 3 times). I got my wife to answer the next call in the same room, and it worked perfectly.... She then could pass the phone to me and it would work, but at considerably lower volume and increased static. We also tired it on speaker phone and I would hold the phone about a foot away from my face and the quality would get much better.

Seeing that this problem has continued across 2 networks, and four different phones I am starting to wonder why this is happening to me. I feel right now like its more of a hassle to own a phone as no one can ever hear me. I also treat my phones quite well and all have been in great condition whenever the problem begins, all have also had current software updates. Looking online I have not been able to find any answers outside of software concerns, hardware issues, or carrier problems; all of which don't seem to apply as I have had this happen across multiple networks, phone brands and operating systems.

Any help here? I am going to try and get a headset to try and see if that helps anything, but for now I am a bit confused why this is happening once again. Is it possible for a person to cause interference with a phone or cause these sort of issues? Again any help or direction to a thread that already covers this would be awesome. Thanks - and sorry for the extremely long post

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