Help me choose one. In my previous thread, I mention what qualities I'm looking for.
I am torn between these two because:

- The Lumia's screen is far bigger in size, which makes it better for reading. Being a Windows 7 user, I suppose it will be more cooperative with my PC (data transfer especially). The whole 'it has no apps' doesn't worry me as long as it offers Facebook, Viber, Youtube, and a good reading app (such as Android's "Perfect Viewer"). It is technically Nokia, so it’s supposed to be very tough.

- The LG is smaller in size. But then again, is size really such a disadvantage when it comes to mobility and comfort and handling – especially as I like to write on my phone. The LG is more expensive (which usually demonstrates quality). It runs the latest software version (Lollipop). It is Android, so I can have just about any app that I want. Its specs are generally better than the Lumia’s. And so are its ratings.

Then again, I see tons of people claiming that when it comes to mid-range phones, Microsoft does a better job than Google. Lots of people claim that Windows 8.1 is superior to KitKat, whereas KitKat is superior to Lollipop… consequently, the Windows Phone should obliterate the Android software-wise.
I’ve seen people claim that Microsoft is becoming a threat to Google, as Windows Phones have superior, more quality, and better lasting hardware.
How much of this is true?

And one more thing: The size of the Lumia is rather impressive. Does it come more as a blessing or a curse – risk of braking, ease of transport, picture quality, reading, handling etc?


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