Sr. Citizen now, very, so please put up with me a bit.
Appreciate the help.

Have been using an LG flip phone for many years now, but am thinking about
a "Smart" phone finally. Probably, like the rest of the world apparently, an iPhone as soon as the new ones come out in a few weeks.

Have the following questions, please:

a. My hearing is pretty poor now.
Does the iPhone have really loud sound if you turn it up all the way ?
Any brand/model better ?
Clarity ?

HTC "meaningfully" better, perhaps ? Which one ?

b. What about the call notification Vibrator ?
Same questions as above.

c. The flip phone fits in a man's pocket so well. Where do you guys carry yours ?
Can't be in the pocket with one's keys, due to scratching. Very curious how you solve this problem.
All the carry places I can think of are "poor".

d. Just out of curiosity: which is generally thought of as the best flip-phone available these days ? What makes it so ?

Much thanks,

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