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    Transfer Audio Files from a Windows PC:

    1. Establish a USB connection between the ZTE Axon Pro and computer
    2. On the phone, make sure “Media device (MTP)” is enabled from the “notification” area
    3. In the AutoPlay window on the computer, double-click “Open folder to view files”
    4. Access the “Media” directory on the device
    5. Launch a second Explorer window and locate the desired audio files on the computer
    6. Copy the files you want to use as ringtones / notifications, and transfer them in the “Media” directory on the phone (preferably in the “Ringtones” / “Notifications” / “Alarms” folders)
    7. Once the transfer is complete, eject the phone storage from the system tray and safely disconnect the device from the USB

    Change the Phone Ringtone:

    1. Open the apps drawer
    2. Access “Settings”
    3. Go to “Sound & notification” and tap the “gear” icon associated with your current sound profile
    4. Tap “Phone ringtone”
    5. Select a ringtone and tap “OK” to confirm
    6. Optionally, you can enable or disable “Vibrate” for phone calls

    Change the Ringtone of a Specific Contact:

    NOTE: You cannot set custom ringtones to contacts that are stored on the SIM card or the phone’s internal memory.

    1. Open “Contacts”
    2. Select the contact you want to add a custom ringtone to
    3. Tap “Menu” > “Set ringtone”
    4. Select the ringtone you want to use
    5. Tap “OK”

    Change the Notification Sound:

    1. From the “Settings” menu, tap “Sound & notification”
    2. Tap the “gear” icon next to your current sound profile
    3. Tap “Default Notification Sound”
    4. Select the desired notification and tap “OK” to confirm

    See More: ZTE Axon Pro: Transfer and Set Custom Ringtones and Notifications

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    Re: ZTE Axon Pro: Transfer and Set Custom Ringtones and Notifications

    Actually I just left the ZTE website and they walked me through how to set ringtones for each contact.. bring up a contact, click the little pencil, scroll all the way down until you see a little bell. it will have 'default' beside it, click on it. from next screen you can choose simple soundfile or change tab to 'music' and anything you added to music from your computer can be chosen for a ringtone for that person. click OK, on next screen click 'Save' your song is saved as that contacts ringer! drove me crazy and I have to say the live chat person had to work for several minutes before he figured it out.. he had never been asked that question before.

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