NOTE: In case your phone doesn’t work as intended and you experience low performance; frequent crashes / freezes, then you might be able to fix these issues by factory resetting the device.

WARNING! When you reset your phone all your personal data stored on the device’s internal memory will be deleted. This includes apps, ringtones, downloaded content, contacts etc. Furthermore all your settings will be restored to factory values. Before proceeding, you can visit this thread for a guide on how to back up and restore data on the Coolpad Rogue.

Factory Reset via Settings:

  1. Open the apps drawer
  2. Go to “Settings
  3. Swipe to “Personal
  4. Tap “Backup & reset” > “Factory data reset
  5. In case your phone is protected by a password / PIN / pattern, enter it to proceed
  6. Tap “Reset phone” to confirm and if necessary, follow any additional on-screen steps to complete the reset

Factory Reset via Recovery (Hardware Buttons):

NOTE: In case you are unable to reset the phone using the method above, alternatively you can try resetting it from Recovery. The recovery menu is accessed by performing a combination of button presses:

  1. Turn off the phone
  2. Press and hold “Volume Up” and “Power” at the same time
  3. When the phone turns on, release the “Power” key but keep holding “Volume Up
  4. At the “Recovery” menu, release all hardware buttons
  5. From the recovery menu use the “Volume” buttons to navigate to and highlight “Wipe data / factor reset
  6. Press “Power” to select the highlighted option
  7. Highlight “Yes – erase all data” using the volume keys
  8. Press “Power” again to select and confirm
  9. Wait until the phone finishes resetting. If the device becomes unresponsive you can restart it by holding “Power” pressed for a few seconds

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