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    Hello community,

    I am looking for experiences to a provider of doro, if anyone of you knows.
    simple background: I am looking for my employees firmentelefone and doro looks
    up to now, pretty good, cheap and solid. had the equipment but never in the hand
    and would you like to order online. 7mobile offers for example very cheap - but I don't know
    whether the platform is trustworthy.

    so if anyone has info/experience to: bring it on!
    thanks in advance


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    Re: Experience to Doro?

    Text automatically translated from: German to: English

    I have a couple of months ago also exactly 6 mobile phones from doro at 7mobile ordered and so far are all satisfied,
    have, at least, yet no complaints heard. the mobile phones provide you with just the bare necessities, make phone calls, sms,
    maybe also whatsapp comes on the model. organizing I would have the phones but not necessarily
    left. the touch (depending on the model) is not the same as that of normal current smartphones knows
    and writing takes just longer.

    good and cheap are the doro models but all of them! so if you you only used for this work, can I
    recommend to you. for everything else, if you prefer normal smartphone use!

    otherwise, you can your employees, or whomever, to the heart also put out phones with
    dual-sim to purchase it. but do not know whether it is the doro.

    hope I could help you!
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