If you earn a lot of money, and think that your LG model should be looking better than all standard smartphones the Vietmaese company called Karalux

has got you covered.

Recently we were told, about the new LG model called V10 that is currently available in South-Korea. It is a great device available in a variety of colours,

however if you really want something special, that not many people can afford you can always cover your device with Gold.

That is right Karalux will make you a special gold plated look.

The process takes from 3 to 4, and as the Technical Director of Karalux Quang Tu said "Because the shell of LG V10 is made of stainless steel, the

gold-plating process is quite easy and quick,".

The best part is that the process is not very pricey it will cost you only something around $180, for a great looking LG.

You don't need to worry, about the gold part as well, because it will be covered by a special layer to protect your gold masterpiece.

The idead is very good, but we don't think that many people will use it, it is however good to know that the mobile business, works well with othe markets

as well, and that you can find everything that you wish to make your device special, even a gold plated design.

Do you think that it is worth to be a proud owner of a gold casing, or even a gold smartphone?

Is it really usefull, or does it only show that you have a lot of money and you don't have an idea how to spend it.

We look forward to hearing your opinions about this subject.

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