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    I am student of mobile app development. I am interested with mobile technology. So, I choose my course as andorid/ios app development and learning the way to make mobile more user friendly. To know more about mobile apps I personally install the app and review it.

    My major focus on security as day by day mobile data hacking is growing worldwide and it is the main current issue for every smartphone user. I personally have meet with Whatsapp hack. So I tried different app lock and folder lock on my phone like:

    Smart AppLock
    Super AppLock
    Photo & Video Locker
    Safe Gallery Free
    Private Photo Vault
    Videos & Photos Lock
    File Locker

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    Re: Hello all I am student of mobile app development

    You have a very interesting hobby, but it is better to think about studying. I am also a student and sometimes I do not have enough time to do numerous academic tasks before the deadline. Fortunately, I know where to go to order a speech or inexpensive paper. I advise you to look at the site DoMySpeech and learn more about the services.

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