Hi All,

Long time reader first time poster here. I thought I would reach out to the community and seek some advice on which phone to get.

Iphone 6s plus vs LG V10

I currently have t-moblie- and have experience using both android and IOS.

My indecision is centered around the following issues.

1.)Battery Life- I am under the impression that the iPhone 6s plus is far superior

2.) Features- I believe the LG V10 has a number of advantages when it comes to usage such as multi screen, customization, camera, etc etc

3.) Lastly Speed- I am under the impression that iPhone 6s plus absolutely kills in the speed department relative to the LG V10-

I have also read that LG's Device is not optimal for gaming....however I do not game. is the V10s lack of ability in that department relative to the iPhone based on an inferior processor?

Any insight on the above mentioned items as well as the phones in general and your preferences are much appreciated.

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