Block Calls:

  1. Tap “Apps” and launch “Contacts
  2. Go to the “All Contacts” tab
  3. Select the contact you want to block
  4. Tap “Edit” > “Menu
  5. Turn on “All calls to voicemail

Unblock Calls:

  1. Launch “Contacts
  2. Access “All Contacts
  3. Tap the contact you want to unblock
  4. Tap “Edit” > “Menu” and disable “All calls to voicemail

Forward All Calls:

  1. Open “Phone
  2. Press “Menu
  3. Go to “Settings” and tap “Call settings
  4. Tap “Call forwarding” and select “Always forward
  5. Tap “Enable

Forward Calls (Conditional Forwarding):

  1. Launch “Phone
  2. Tap “Menu” > “Settings
  3. Tap “Call settings” > “Call forwarding
  4. Choose to forward “When unanswered”, “When unreachable” or “When busy
  5. Enter the phone number you want to forward calls to
  6. Tap “Enable” / “Update

Disable Call Forwarding:

  1. Open “Phone” and access “Settings
  2. Tap “Call settings” > “Call forwarding
  3. Select the forwarding option you want to turn off
  4. Tap “Disable

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