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    My samsung galaxy s4 GT-19505 was dropped in water for about 2 seconds. I had my case on which doesnt really do much. Anyway i tried turning in on and charging (the 2 mistakes). I googled for solutions and then i dropped it in a snaplock back filled with rice for a month. I couldnt give it to repair shop because i am overseas on hols. The water damage indicator on the battery iteself doesnt look to be different to when it was bough (no colour change just the shiny reflective thing). The second water damage indicator on the bottom right hand side of the phone battery slot is orange. So far i think that means that the indicators did not pick up on any water damage. I am aware that there is another water indicator near the motherboard which i will look at when i return from holidays in 2 days. I am going to give it to a repair shop but if they cant fix it how should i send it to Samsung. If the water indicators indicate that the phone was not damaged by water, does that mean that they will replace for free. I have one more year of warranty left (2 years total and i bought it last year). Does anyone know this process. I tried turning it on yesterday after leaving in in rice for a month and i made a BEEP sound like it did a month ago. There screen does not show anything so i quickly took out the battery in like 2 seconds. I have the bill with me so should i take it to the shop and ask them to send it to samsung. Also, how would the procedure go like would they ask me for my details such as house address and stuff. Are the water indicators meant to be orange if it is not water damaged or something like i did have a case on. Pleaseee help, i am a student and cant afford a new one. Thank you so much to anyone who can reply.

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